A CryptoNote Based CryptoCurrency

Getting Started is Easy!

Our goal is to make UniBitX as simple and accessible as possible for everyday people

UniBitX Overview

A general overview of the UniBitX technology stack.. network, community, services, and roadmap potentially

Getting A Wallet &
Your First UBX Deposit

Get your first UniBitX Wallet and receive your first UniBitX transaction,,

Viewing & Confirming Transactions

View your first transaction on the blockchain and confirm it..

Help Us Test
& Earn Bounties

Help beta test some of our software and earn available bounties for your efforts..

Seed Node Setup & The UniBitX Daemon

Setting up your first seed node.. and some common daemon paramaters for services..

Basic & Advanced Mining Guide

How to mine your first block..

Support The UniBitX Community

A few ways you can support the community..

Frequently Asked Questions

the most commonly asked questions that we come across..

Improvement Proposal Polls

UniBitX Improvement Proposal process and polls..